A Broad Range of Approaches Can Be Effective for Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Veins can make a person feel decidedly unwell due to fatigue and aches. The legs can feel tired, heavy, itchy and painful. The person loses any motivation to be active. The man or woman with this problem mostly wants to sit on the couch with the feet raised, which allows blood to drain from where it has pooled in the calves. Fortunately, noninvasive treatments can eliminate these diseased veins, which are not necessary for sufficient circulation.

The Importance of Exercise

Physical inactivity is blamed for millions of deaths every year. Doctors encourage their patients to get plenty of exercise. Doing so strengthens the heart and lungs, and keeps the muscles and bones healthier. It’s difficult to persuade someone to take walks, ride a bike or play tennis when his or her legs ache and feel weighed down because of blood not circulating properly. Unless the person’s feet are raised, these veins cannot send blood back to the heart after it arrives to the legs through the arteries.

Scheduling an Appointment

Sometimes patients schedule an appointment with a vein clinic Melbourne is known for because the veins are unsightly. Their main concern is the cosmetic issue, as they no longer want to wear shorts or skirts. Others deal with chronic discomfort because of the problem vessels in addition to being distressed about their leg appearance.

Conservative Strategies

This disease is progressive and tends to gradually get worse. Patients sometimes can prevent or delay worse symptoms from developing. One of the most conservative measures that brings patients some relief is to wear compression stockings. The doctor may recommend this after the initial consultation. In contrast, tight clothes should be avoided around the thighs and hips. Doing exercises that tone the leg muscles can help. Losing weight if the person is overweight also is advisable.

Noninvasive Treatments

If these conservative strategies are ineffective, physicians with a center such as Paras Clinic offer treatments that are noninvasive. They do not require general anesthesia and recovery time is relatively quick. For example, laser surgery uses intense light to close the vein, after which the body absorbs it and it disappears.


These procedures can be performed at a varicose vein clinic as long as the patient doesn’t wait too long. If the veins have become very swollen, twisted and ropy, surgery may be required to remove them. Although stripping the veins from the legs this way is effective, there is a significantly longer recovery time.


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